Transmission of the memory

Les Fleurs de la Mémoire is committed to the transmission of knowledge to the younger generations. On request, we accompany students in their visits to the cemetery.

Without the duty to remember, we would have no future.

Mar 13 2018

Meeting with some West Point cadets

For the second time in a row, and once again on Mrs. Glennie Sims initiative, some members met with West Point Cadets and exchanged on their experiences during the...
Mar 13 2017

Meeting with some West Point cadets

On Mrs. Glennie Sims' initiative four members shared their experiences during the four years of the Occupation and on the Liberation with these Cadets. D-Day Future...

Last classes accompanied

Jun 23 2022

Saint-Lô Palliers school at Colleville cemetery

On June 23, the flowers of memory accompanied the elementary school of Palliers (Saint Lô) who came for the first time. Forty children and four teachers discovered the...
Jun 20 2022

Pont-Hébert class in Colleville

Two members of the Fleurs de la Mémoire accompanied Mrs Amélie SEFYS and the CM2 class of Pont-Hébert on Monday 20th June to the American cemetery of...
Jun 12 2022

Livry-Gargan in Colleville

On June 11, 2022, the flowers of memory accompanied the city of Livry Gargan for a complete ceremony with the flowering of 23 gravesComposed of twenty students of CM2...
Jun 04 2022

A delegation from Coutances to Colleville-Sur-Mer

A group of young people from the Youth Council and veterans from the city of Coutances went to the American cemetery of Colleville sur Mer. The city of Coutances...
May 20 2022

Tribute of the school of Trouville

Friday, May 20 accompanied by 22 students from the school of Trouville (14) and four adults (including 2 from the municipality and two teachers).The rain was invited to...
May 10 2022

Tributes from students of La Celle Saint Cloud

On May 10, 2022, Mr. Georges Pierre Joret and the president of the Flowers of Memory, Mr. Serge Néel, accompanied 140 students from the La Celle Saint Cloud secondary...
Jun 21 2021

Visit of the fourth graders of the Yser scholl (Saint-Lô) in Colleville

If as every year, the association accompanies many schoolchildren on memorial sites, the pandemic did not allow many schools, high schools,... to come to pay tribute to...
Jun 03 2019

Meeting with veterans and college students

On Monday, June 3, the association welcomed 4 veterans to the "Archives départementales" de Saint-Lô as part of an educational project with the Pasteur College of Saint...
May 09 2019

Cemeromny at Colleville American cemetery

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the Collège of Doué la Fontaine presented the Rose REMEMBER at the cemetery of Colleville during a ceremony at 2 p.m., in the presence of their...
Nov 06 2018

Meeting with students from Louis Pasteur junior high from Caen

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