Trouville children pay tribute to veterans

4 June 2023 | School, tributes and ceremonies

A representative of Fleurs de la Mémoire, Gaëtane, went with the R Coty school in Trouville (the town of Trouville sponsors around 40 graves and sends a CM2 class to this memorial site every year). The children had their flowering cards, but squares A and B were closed. What a disappointment! But a whole group of veterans were welcomed to Colleville by the Best Defense Foundation*. The children were the only ones present that day. The veterans loved seeing them all with their roses and flower cards. They were filmed, interviewed, and honored with a speech by Best Defense Foundation President Donnie Edwards, who emphasized how lucky they were to meet real heroes, and that they were the future of memory, to be remembered by themselves and their children. A moving moment! They’ll remember their visit for a long time to come, with thanks in English, autographs and little flags. The veterans were truly moved to meet young people who were putting flowers on the graves of their fallen comrades. That’s what Fleurs de la Mémoire is all about.

*The Best Defense Foundation is an American association. From the shores of Normandy to the black volcanic sands of Iwo Jima, the Best Defense Foundation ensures that any World War II veteran who wishes to do so has the opportunity to return to his or her battlefield. During these unique reunions at places of remembrance, these veterans have received numerous awards, such as the French Legion of Honor, and have been honored at dozens of events and parades).

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